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architecture & design

Branding & Design

Architectural branding goes beyond the visual perception of buildings, aiming to create experiences and evoke emotions within spaces. It involves establishing a unique identity and image for a building or architectural project. Architectural branding emphasizes the interaction between the building and the public, leaving a lasting impression and emphasizing social connections and values. Through branding, buildings strive to achieve specific goals and provide positive experiences for customers.


Architecural Design

Our architectural design service brings our clients' visions to life through creative and innovative solutions. Our team utilizes professional expertise and state-of-the-art tools to provide customized designs that meet the clients' requirements and goals.

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Funiture Design

The functionality for using space is not merely built around physical attributes. Furniture should be designed as a device that connects the meaning of space with human utilization.


Project Mangement

We perform coordination and management across various disciplines by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the project. Through the element of "management," we refine clients' vague expectations for their projects and ensure successful completion. By incorporating meticulous attention to detail and diligent management practices, we fulfill the project's requirements and achieve a successful outcome.

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Interior Design

Our interior design services transform our clients' spaces into unique and captivating environments. Our team understands our clients' preferences and goals, providing customized designs that reflect their individuality and style.

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Architectural Advisory 

We are well aware that many individuals require legal knowledge and asset management related to their buildings. Based on extensive experience and expertise, we provide collaborative assistance in various aspects to help our customers navigate through these complex and challenging situations.

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Welcome to our architectural services. We are a professional firm that offers a wide range of architectural services to our clients. Here is a brief guide to the services we provide

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Our Service Set Include

Architecture Design 

Interior Design

Building Remodeling

Supervision Work

Permission Work

Project Management


Product Strategy, Graphic Design

연필 스케치

Architect's Service (Detail)


Land Survey Services

Geotechnical Servies

Space Schematic  / Flow Diagrams

Existing Feasibility Surveys

Economic Feasibility Studies

Site Analysis and Selection

Environmental Studies And Reports

Schedule Development and Monitoring 

Landscape Design

Interior Design

Value Analysis

Detail Cost Estimating

On-Site Project Sepresentation

Construction Management

Start-Up Assistance

Record Drwaings

Post-Contract Evalution

Tenant Related Service


Standard Form of Architect's Service :Design and Contract Administration

Project Administration

Evaluation of Budget and Cost of The Work

Construction Supporting Service

Evaluating and Plannig Services

Design Services

Contract Administration Services

Facility Operation Serices 

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